How the Humans Rights Movement Has Gone Global

Human Rights Movement has gone global with a simple common belief, that we all share the same ideals and treasure the value of life. Statements of these beliefs and the need to change are built into the foundations of what we know as movements, crossing all boundaries of countries, races, religions and genders. The messages and voices penetrate the atmosphere seeking supporters and activists to organize and assemble for humanity.

National holidays have been created to reflect the patronage of human rights champions who have come before us. Human Rights Day acknowledges the past, enticing tomorrow’s visionaries to continue the movements. Today’s technology offers the ability reach out globally, touching lives that have been untouchable in the past. From all corners of the world, more people have become active in preserving and defending human rights.

The challenge is to share the struggle with each country’s plight to restore, establish dignity and strengthen the abilities to improve lives collectively. Basic human rights are global desires that fuel the human rights movement, taking responsibility without fear of repression. The first change needs to happen within the society and region where human rights have been prohibited. As the region breaks the barriers from the past, the new struggles begin to emerge and time increases individual numbers as human rights struggle to become not just a way of life but the purpose of life. Global human rights movement is no longer just a dream or thought it is reality.

Human rights movement involves diplomacy and governmental structure, which is supported by social arrangements and regional state of minds. As the voices grow louder, global pleas are heard, proclaiming the need to support global human rights. Opening the doors of opportunity to youth ends the once accepted poverty and endless resistance against enabling men and women. Today these voices, which have been silent in past are now being heard matching the face to the society and the region globally. They are the faces in the front position linked arm in arm, committed to human rights movement for their generation, their children and grandchildren’s generation.

Human rights movement has gone global and the proof are the bonding societies ready to face the present battle, preparing for the future, by recalling plans and strategies of the past. The struggle of equal rights continues in the history of America, Europe and the Far East.


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