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How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

A death of a family member, friend or someone you love can be a devastating experience. Though it is painful for everyone, it is important to learn how to deal with the loss of a loved one because everyone is … Continue reading

How Social Media Has Affected Human Rights Movements

Social media has changed the way countless people live their lives. Despite the best efforts of marketers to try and turn these mediums into a business free-for-all, the beauty and power of social media shins when people come together over … Continue reading

Ethical Consumerism and The Purchase Of Human Rights Clothes

Ethical consumerism involves purchasing items that support human rights. This is a popular term in today’s society, and an increasing number of consumers are searching for ways to support companies that practice ethical standards. An industry that is seeing a … Continue reading

How the Humans Rights Movement Has Gone Global

Human Rights Movement has gone global with a simple common belief, that we all share the same ideals and treasure the value of life. Statements of these beliefs and the need to change are built into the foundations of what … Continue reading

The Human Rights Campaign and Success

As humans, we are all entitled to indivisible rights free of discrimination. The face of discrimination often takes the shape of hatred and disdain for a person’s race, sex, age, economic status, religion or sexual orientation. Entire movements have been … Continue reading

What is Volunteer Tourism?

Volunteer tourism is an up and coming idea in travel where people go to a place in the world where their services or support helps the local people, wildlife or fauna in some way. Doctors and nurses may take some … Continue reading

Some Ways to Help Human Rights While on Vacation

Not many people know this but there are still ways to help human rights while on vacation. People who want to learn how they can help human rights while they are on a trip should continue to read as they … Continue reading

How to Get Exposure to Your Charity

Starting a charity is a great way to help those that are in need throughout the world. Not only is it a great way to show that you’re loving and caring, it’s a great way to get the community involved … Continue reading