PUBG Mobile Free Battle Points | BP Hack ??? | Android + iOS | Tutorial HD

PUBG Battle Points Hack Mobile Tutorial

I have just decided to share this great tool with you guys. It simply adds battle points to your character. However, I must mention that i’m not affiliated with this website nor I have any admin access to it. I just wanted to share this great PUBG Battle Points Hack with you.
So far I have not received a single ban even though I used this tool on several accounts. I do not recommend generating over 100.000 Battle Points per day.

To be 100% safe, after applying the PUBG Battle Points Hack make sure you do a lot of manual activities including playing, buying items, opening crates.

1. How often can I apply this hack?

You can apply this PUBG Battle Points Hack as many times as you want but this way you are putting your account into risk. I recommend to use this tool once in 48 hours.

2. Can I use the BP generated with PUBG Battle Points Hack to buy items?

Yes ! Those resources are real and you are able to buy crates with them.

3. It did not work, what should I do ?

Try to follow my video exactly as it shows. If you are still having problems please message me and we will figure it out.

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PUBG Mobile Free Battle Points | BP Hack ??? | Android + iOS | Tutorial HD


  1. Where are the real people in the comment section, only robots as I can see. Regardless, the only website that worked for me is Pubginator. It can be found on Google 😀

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